Papers on Genetic Algorithms

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  3. T.Ono and T.Yokoi : Optimal Cutting of Two-dimensional Free Patterns Using Genetic Algorithms , Proc. of the Eighth AU-FIT-AJOU Joint Seminar, pp.11-18, 1998.
  4. T.Ono and T.Ikeda : Optimization of Two-dimensional Guillotine Cutting by Genetic Algorithms , 6th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques & Soft Computing (EUFIT'98), pp.450-454, 1998.
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  6. T.Ono and T.Ikeda : Genetic Algorithms with Division and Integration of Region for TSP, Proc. of Seventh AU-FIT-AJOU Joint Seminar, PP.127-134, 1997.
  7. T.Ono and G.Watanabe : Optimal Selection of Cutting Length of Bars by GAs , Proc. of the Ninth International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artficial Intelligence and Expert Systems, pp.783,1996.
  8. T.Ono and G.Watanabe : Application of Genetic Algorithms to Optimal Selection of Cutting Length of Bars , Proc. of the Fifth FIT-Ajou University Joint Seminar, pp.24-31, 1995.

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T. Ono